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European journalists based in Brussels take you through encounters and interviews to understand what’s brewing in the bloc - a Euranet Plus podcast.

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Thursday Apr 13, 2023

In this episode journalist Léa Marchal looks at the EU's Net Zero Industry Act, Brussels' attempt to prevent clean tech companies from relocating their manufacturing to the US.
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Thursday Mar 02, 2023

The war on the European continent has resulted in a new effort to strengthen the European Union's defence capabilities. However, beyond military support for Ukraine, is there a shared EU vision for its future security and defence policy?
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Wednesday Feb 08, 2023

In this episode Léa Marchal meets the leaders of the largest political groups in the European Parliament to reveal what MEPs are hoping to achieve in the run-up to the next European elections. Beyond the war in Ukraine, they want to show concrete results in the fight against inflation, social justice, easing migration flows and creating jobs.
MEP Iratxe Garcia Pérez at a plenary voting session early in 2023 © European Union 2023 - EP

Monday Jan 30, 2023

The war in Ukraine has reshuffled the cards of the bloc’s defence and security policies and its relationship with NATO. Whether this will serve its geostrategic ambitions is still unclear. Listen to the first episode of a series on EU defence and security by journalist Vincenzo Genovese.
EU-NATO leadership sign third joint declaration in January 2023 © NATO, 2023

Wednesday Dec 21, 2022

The EU has just put the finishing touches to a series of important texts targeting CO2 emissions in industry. While hitting the mark in terms of ambition, this latest Green Deal move is not likely to bear fruit as quickly as Brussels might have liked.
Coal plant / Shutterstock / kamilpetran

Monday Dec 12, 2022

Search and rescue vessels in the central Mediterranean cause tensions among EU countries in the EU, while the Western Balkan route has seen the biggest increase in arrivals, causing great concern in Austria. Vincenzo Genovese takes us through interviews with MEPs and experts in Brussels to give us fresh - even chilling - news on EU migration policy.
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EU sanctions start to bite

Thursday Nov 17, 2022

Thursday Nov 17, 2022

Nine months after the start of the war and eight sanction packages later, the Ukrainian army is making significant progress in pushing back the Russian army. This progress has not come about thanks to the restrictive measures imposed by the EU. But then what do these sanctions achieve? 
Anti-war rally in Spain © Photo by Al More on Shutterstock

Wednesday Nov 09, 2022

The massive influx into the EU of people fleeing the war in Ukraine since February 2022 has triggered an unprecedented response of welcome and solidarity in the bloc. But whether this momentum will have a long-term impact on the EU’s migration policy is questionable.
Image: Volunteers help refugees from Ukraine at the railway station in Warsaw, Poland © Olha Solodenko, Shutterstock

Wednesday Oct 19, 2022

La photo de famille des dirigeants de 44 pays européens à Prague le 6 octobre est peut-être le résultat le plus significatif du tout premier rassemblement sous l'égide de la Communauté politique européenne. Cette "plate-forme de coordination politique pour les pays européens de tout le continent", destinée à traiter des questions d'intérêt commun, peut-elle apporter de réels bénéfices ? Léa Marchal était à Prague et nous rapporte en ces nouvelles.

Wednesday Oct 12, 2022

The family photo of the leaders of 44 European countries in Prague on 6 October is perhaps the most significant outcome of the first ever gathering under the aegis of the European Political Community. Can this 'political coordination platform for European countries across the continent', designed to address issues of common concern bring real benefits? Léa Marchal was in Prague - and has the story.


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